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Local Tournament Results 2/19/13 to 3/17/13

SPL 3_2013

Weekly Tuesday Flip Off @ John John’s Game Room: 2/19 – 1st Austin Arlitt, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3rd Maka Honig, 4th Daniel Salo. 2/26 – 1st Elijah Nelson, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3rd Nycole Hyatt, 4th Heather Loudon. 3/5 -1st Maka Honig, 2nd SergeyElijah Nelson, 3rd Sergey Posrednikov, 4th Heather Loudon. 3/12 – 1st Nycole Hyatt, 2nd Maka Honig, 3rd Geoff Simons, 4th Zac Petersen.

Weekly Wednesday Flip Off @ Add-a-Ball Amusements: 2/20 – 1st Sergey Posrednikov, 2nd Dave Stewart, 3rd Jason Hatch, 4th Austin Arlitt. 2/27 – 1st Travis Echert, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3rd Steve Ackley, 4th Nycole Hyatt. 3/6 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3rd Heather Loudon, 4th Maka Honig. 3/13 – 1st Sergey Posrednikov, 2nd Nicholas Polimenakos, 3rd Sean Reeve, 4th Hayden McCabe.

The results for all Flip Offs can be found at the IFPA website.

Seattle Pinball League (March 9): 1st Maka Honig, 2nd Brian Chesbrough, 3rd Chase Nunes, 4th Nicholas Polimenakos. For complete results go here:

Congratulations to all. For upcoming local pinball tournaments consult the Skill Shot Events Calendar.

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