So You Want To Be a Ninja?


 (originally publsihed in Skill Shot 28)

by 3rd Place Andy

Tired of Sensei making you do push-ups all day? Want to brush up on your ninja skills? Here are some tips to get you through Dragonfist, Stern’s 1982 solid state pinball machine.image-300000

Your primary objective should be to maximize your bonus multiplier (or X). Your X is indicated on the center of the playfield by the lights “2X” thru “7X“. No lights indicates 1X. Depending on the operator settings, the X may be held throughout the entire game, so the earlier you advance it, the better. The playfield features three banks of three drop targets each. Dropping all three targets on the lit bank advances your bonus X. The banks light in the following order from the start of game: right, center, left, right, center, left. The X multiplies your bonus score at the end of each ball. Additionally, the X increases the spinner score, up to a maximum of 1400 points (7 X 200) per spin!

Your secondary objective is to strike all nine stand-up targets to light extra ballDSCF6245wwwDSCF6245bbbbThe nine white targets are scattered about the playfield and each have a yellow indicator light. Once all nine have been struck, a random drop target bank will light “extra ball.” Drop the center target in the lit bank to collect! The nine stand-ups stay lit from ball to ball, so you can take your time accomplishing this objective. Of course, the more extra balls, the better!

These two objectives are independent, so feel free to switch between them as you see fit. After you have accomplished both goals, all that remains to do is aim for the spinner (for 1400 per spin), and strike stand-up and drop targets (to advance your bonus to 100,000). Keep that extra ball lit for a lengthy game. Soon you will have a “Black Belt in Pins!”DSCF6239www

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