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Saturday Tidbits 4/23/11

Brief pinball news 4/23/11

This past week had two fun pinball events! One was The Biggest Loser Tournament at Claire’s birthday party. We first had this style of tournament during Gordon’s birthday party at Shorty’s and this time it worked out a bit better. Only one game was used (Future Spa) and it was pure excitement! Look for more details in our next issue…

And speaking of Future Spa, that pin was the grand prize at the first 420 Greenwood Pinball Open held last Wednesday. Centered at Add Motor Works in Fremont, with satellite locations in Ballard and Greenwood, contestants were ferried around in the Cartoon Karaoke Party Bus. The final match was held out doors on the Future Spa and Cayle George won. Go to our facebook page if you want to see the pictures.

More fun tournaments are this weekend: Saturday at the Tiger Lounge there is an all EM Pinball Tournament (starts at 5 so get there early) and on Monday there is another Ballard Pinball Tournament. Check out our Calendar link at the top of the page for more details…

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2 replies on “Saturday Tidbits 4/23/11”

That is a HILARIOUS picture of Robert! Wrong on SO many levels!

Not a lot of people got clued in about the Tiger Lounge EM tourney tonight. Don’t they read the centerfold of the ‘zine? I’ve been telling people about it as well. As of Saturday morning it looked like only Adam C., Matt H., and myself would be representing the Tribe. I put up announcements on Faceplant and the WPC Yahoo Group, let’s see if anyone notices.

Nice work Skill Shot. Robert with that sweet picture is one of my favorite moments. Thanks for getting the word up. Word!

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