Thursday Pinball Tidbits 4/14/11

The date listed for the Powder Puff Tournament at Shorty’s next month has been changed to Sunday May 15th. Be sure to change your calendars. (It was listed in the new Skill Shot as being a week later).

Mark of Space Age Amusement has apparently “sold” his route to someone?!! We were told this last week and a few of the bar owners have confirmed this, but we still don’t have a name. Stay tuned, as we are sure that there is going to be a shuffling of the pins around town because of this.   Update: This is apparently not the case.  Mark speculated that this rumor started because his business partner has been more active in servicing machines lately. 

As we distribute the new issue of Skill Shot, game changes have been discovered and the on-line Pinball List is updated every few days. Bola Salvada!

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Just got off the phone with Mark of Space Age Amusement. He has not sold his route. His business partner is taking more of an active role in servicing the games so maybe that is why this rumor started?
Thanks for putting some Skill Shot zines at Feedback. 😉

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