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Skill Shot 56

Read the entire issue of Skill Shot 56 digitally as it was intended to be published at the beginning of March 2020.

Team Skill Shot unfortunately did not get our spring issue #56 to the printer before the virus pandemic started. Given that most of our distribution points are now-closed bars and arcades, we’ve decided to publish issue #56 online in the print layout format. Please note that we have not updated any of the ads or text since the outbreak started and you should assume any events mentioned for March and April have been canceled. On desktop browsers, click each spread to open, then click the top-right corner to zoom in. Text versions of each post coming soon.

November 2020 note: the WordPress updates may effect the slideshow feature and you may need to open each image in a new tab to see it clearly. 

Printable version of the crossword: Initial Thoughts

Online playable version of the crossword: Initial Thoughts

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