Ballard Pinball Tourney Halloween Edition

Special Halloween tournament: Wear a costume and gain a point in the tournament. Wear a costume that is related to a pinball machine played  in the tournament and gain another point. You are allowed to change costumes if you want to I assume…

Likely locations include: Snoose, Cafe Mox, Liberty House, and Headly’s, but final lineup will be determined later. Meet up at Snoose Junction at 7PM (tournament begins at 8).

For more details here is the link to the facebook events page:


Transformers Halloween Party

Dorky’s will be hosting a release party for the new Stern Pinball machine. It is also the weekend of Halloween and we’ve heard that they are combining the two parties together for this event. More details on their facebook page TBA:


SPM Halloween Party/Tournament

Halloween party at the Seattle Pinball Museum! Wear a costume for free admission in the tournament. $50 cash prize! Other prizes TBA.

You can do the tournament if you don’t wear a costume but it’s going to cost you. Hey, it’s Halloween weekend!

Regular museum admission cost will apply.