Transformers Halloween Party

Dorky’s will be hosting a release party for the new Stern Pinball machine. It is also the weekend of Halloween and we’ve heard that they are combining the two parties together for this event. More details on their facebook page TBA:


Transformers Pinball Launch Party

Come and play the new Stern pinball machine and enter a tournament on the new game! They also will have over 40 other pinball machines available. More details TBA.


Transformers Release Party

The new Stern Transformers pinball machine comes to Shorty’s with a tournament on the new game!


SPM Halloween Party/Tournament

Halloween party at the Seattle Pinball Museum! Wear a costume for free admission in the tournament. $50 cash prize! Other prizes TBA.

You can do the tournament if you don’t wear a costume but it’s going to cost you. Hey, it’s Halloween weekend!

Regular museum admission cost will apply.

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Stern vs Stern

Big Buck Hunter or Iron Man? What is it that makes you like one more than the other? They seem fairly similar at first glance. War Machine = Ram, The Big Buck moves and Iron Monger rises, they both have similar skill shots. Is it more an aesthetic thing or are the games that different?

The following comments are edited responses we received from Facebook

Brian Hasbro: I prefer Iron Man. The buck in Big Buck Hunter is often fidgety and takes a good thwack to register a hit on it, plus the track going right across the field changes the ball’s path, which is annoying. I really wanted to see the whole ‘aim for the bucks and avoid the does’ translated into pinball, the designers were just lazy and made a crappier version of the Scarecrow Crane from Batman. I’m not incredibly impressed with Iron Man either; the ramps should do more than they do, and Whiplash Multiball is a joke. You have to hit it 5 times and each time, it threatens to throw your ball directly into the drain and for what… 2 ball multiball? Psh. The 50 mil skill shot after completing everything in 1 ball is nice though, good money shot to aim for each game.

Jamie Beth: I haven’t really played either extensively, but I really don’t like BBH and I’ve enjoyed the handful of times I’ve Iron Manned. BBH is too drainy with a crappy flow. IM is way more funner and playable… and spinners are the bombdiggity..

Julie Gray: I’m not into hunting Bambi so I would prefer to play Ironman, but I feel that BBH is a better game with the unique Elk Multiball in that you hit and re light the left loop, and the skill shot is that interesting right extended target, and bird and ram shots that make it more intriguing. However, Ironman has a really great flow that makes you feel like you know how to play pinball because it is going so long. If someone said, “you could pay $100 to win either of these games”, I would pick Ironman. Downside, the ball often gets stuck on the middle playfield toys, and stops all of the wonderful flow.

Matt Brehe: I’m not crazy about either. However, when I have to, I play BBH over IM because it has a more interesting playfield. The lower playfield has double in-lanes on the right, which moves the flippers off-center a bit. There is also a lot more going on in the mid-field. Iron Man on the other hand is all focused on the upper playfield, and just overall feels overly symmetrical.

Weird Iron Man factoid I just learned from IPDB: “The four drop targets on the left-side represent the letters I-R-O-N and… the three drop targets on the right side represent M-A-N. David Thiel explains that the reason those letters do not appear on these targets is because it is a requirement of the license that the two words “IRON MAN” must never be shown separated from each other.”

4th Place Andy: At least it’s not like Shrek vs Family Guy. Yes, some games have very similar strategy+layout, see for example Attack From Mars vs Medieval Madness and Twilight Zone vs Addams Family. Bottom line is if it’s fun to play, there’s no reason to not have a similar game.

Jesse Thurston: IRONMAN!!!! So much more fun, better story and progression, and better general flow.

Anthony Brown: I prefer the Iron Man theme, and I enjoy blasting War Monger way more than shooting at a deer.

Aaron McAbee: Vegan. So, Iron Man.

Steve Cartoon: That depends on which one makes the more impressive SMASH after being pushed off a ten-story building…OK, it’d be Iron Man in my case. Killin’ thangs just ain’t my bag.

Maka Honig: Iron Man has two high-scoring “wizard” modes that require varied shots and a modicum of skill. That alone keeps me coming back for more, challenging = fun. BBH has a ruminant-toy that slides around. You’re supposed to shoot that thing, a lot. Completely unappealing theme (for me, anyways). I really tried to give Big Buck a chance but I can safely say I despise it now. Hail Iron Man!

Aaron Bendickson: Big Buck Hunter is definitely a fun game and I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to play one. However, when it comes to the game that I want to have in my home, the game my kids are going to be begging to play, Iron Man definitely has the advantage. It’s a combination of theme, aesthetics, audio/music & game play. The game just oozes excitement. It’s the total package.

Cheese Boat: Iron man! BBH pinball reminds me too much of the original BBH game – it’s too janky. The Ram shoots the ball straight down the drain far too often, the ball save light is too far down the drain to be able to see well, and there is a lot of colorful crap on the play field, but it doesn’t feel like there is a lot to hit. The ‘buck’ is set up in an awkward way across the play field, and the track the buck slides on makes the ball jump up & constantly hit the glass. The only thing to look forward to on the entire game is when you light up several multiballs in a row.

Iron man, on the other hand, has great game-play and can be challenging despite its basic field layout, yet fun for a first-time player. Iron Man does have its own issues, such as the Iron Monger sometimes catches the ball on the edge of the moving piece when it lowers.The issues Iron Man may have are a lot less frequent and annoying than BBH’s. It feels like they spent a lot more time designing Iron Man. Overall Iron Man wins hands down with a better design and more challenging game play. Even though these are the two newest Stern games, I don’t really think it’s fair to compare them. I would rate BBH more in a class with Stern’s Batman.

Aaron Bendickson: Iron Man FTW! BBH isn’t bad, but IM is the total package. Good art, great sound, fast fun & challenging game play.