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Local Tournament Results June 4, 2012

NW Pinball Championship winners (left to right): Cayle, Daniele, Robert, Lyman

Northwest Pinball Championships (6/1 – 6/3): Open Division:  ‎1. Daniele Celestino Acciari (Italy), 2. Cayle George (USA), 3. Lyman Sheats (USA), 4. Robert Gagno (Canada). Classics Division: 1. Franck Bona (France), 2. John Kremmer (Canada), 3. Cayle George (USA), 4. Daniele Celestino Acciari (Italy). Women’s Finalists: 1. Helena Walter (Sweden), 2. Julie Gray (USA), 3. Penni Epstein (USA), 4. Bonnie Bedford (Canada).  Novice Division: 1. Brendan Trebitts.

We didn’t make it to the event but it was broadcast live on GeekGamer.TV and it was great. Especially the match on Jackbot when both Cayle and Daniele had awesome scores: over 6 billion points on ball one!

Wednesday Round Robin Tournament at Add-a-ball (May 30): 1. Sergey 2. Hayden “The Surf Champ” McCabe, 3. Mark W.