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Three Things You Should Know About Ghostbusters

2nd Place Andy tells us three things to do for a successful Ghostbusters experience!

Three Things You Should Know About Ghostbusters
By Second Place Andy

Easy Multiball
Hit the left captive ball twice (on any ball in play) to instantly light all three locks for Storage Facility Multiball. Lock three balls at the left ramp to start Multiball.

Instant Video Mode
Use the right flipper to select a blue arrow skill shot before plunging. The far right scoop awards Video Mode when hit first. Plunge the ball hard, do not flip, and see if the ball bounces off the flipper into the scoop for a neat “hands free” shot! Practice “Don’t Cross the Streams” video mode for an easy 20-50 million points. This can be repeated every ball unless a mode is carried over from a previous ball.

6x Playfield
Use the left flipper to select a yellow lane skill shot before plunging, noting the lane choice freezes after the ball is in motion. The “K” is usually lit for “Light Multipliers,” qualifying the 2x and 3x stand-up targets on the left ramp. The 2x and 3x targets each add time and together make 6x playfield scoring, yielding incredibly lucrative modes and multiballs.

Originally published in Skill Shot issue 52

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