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In Your Ears, On Your Thumbs: The Skill Shot Pincast and Apps

Skill Shot is more than a zine and a website, we have apps and a podcast too! Graham lays out the details…

In Your Ears, On Your Thumbs: The Skill Shot Pincast and Apps

by Graham Klym

In this crazy future-world where we all carry computers in our pockets that are connected to the universe (and 14 million cat videos), an independent zine on we-ain’t-foolin’ real life paper made from real life trees can be a strange concept to explain to the uninitiated. To others, Seattle Pinball Mapmaybe our dedicated output seems quaint. Well, we’re hip with the times. In addition to 41 issues of Skill Shot, we’ve got our home on the web at, where you can find archived back issues, a calendar of local events, and our essential pinball list. But these days we’ve got a lot more to offer you on your Palm Pilots, Blackberries, and Tricorders — apps to streamline your pinball hunt and a podcast to keep you company on your commute!

Skill Shot – The App! Download it at List

Hey Android users: did you know we’ve had a Skill Shot app for you for 2 years now? It’s true — go check it out. The Skill Shot app gives you faster and more direct access to our ever-so-convenient pinball list for Seattle and the surrounding area.

Hey iPhone users: join the party! We just released an iOS version of the Skill Shot app for you and yours this January.

The apps, designed by Andrew Cole and Will Clarke, can be found in their respective smartphone stores (the iTunes and Google Play stores), but just type into your phone and you’ll be automatically redirected to download the right app for your device. Put down this issue and do it now!

The Skill Shot Pincast!

Ok, now pick this back up.

Back in May, Kayla and I kicked off a brand new project for the mighty Skill Shot empire — the Skill Shot Pincast! Our episodes arrive every 2 grahamatwo weeks on Wednesdays, and we’ve covered a wide variety of games and topics with a fantastic series of local and international guests. You can learn how to play featured games, hear pinball origin stories from Todd MacColluch and other notable players, get the operator’s point of view from Bobby Conover and Pinheads, and listen in on discussions about women in pinball, the dirty details on running competitive team-based leagues, and so much more!

We think you’ll enjoy the Pincast, but don’t just take our word for it — we just won an award from the Classic Consolekayla Gamernews podcast for Best New Pinball Podcast (and Best Opening Sequence) and have received tons of good feedback from the pinball community. As of writing this article we’re 18 episodes deep, and by the time you’ve got this in your hands episode 19 will have dropped. You can find us on Soundcloud (,, iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you normally find and subscribe to podcasts.

Subscribe today and join the fun! We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions, too. Write to us at and be a part of the conversation!

And of course you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. Search for Skill Shot and the Skill Shot Pincast on Facebook and like our pages to get updates in your newsfeed, and follow us on Twitter at @SkillshotSeattl (no e!). Get connected!

(Originally published in Skill Shot 41)


Editors note: If you are curious about the physical hardcopy  issues of Skill Shot check out the Zine link at the top of this page for our cover gallery. Information about back issues and subscriptions can be found under the Shop link.

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