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Local Tournament Results 3/18/13 to 4/8/13

DSCF7989Seattle Pinball League

Weekly Tuesday Night Flip Off @ John John’s Game Room: 3/19 – 1st Maka Honig, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3rd Krista Kelly, 4th Zac Petersen. 3/26 – 1st Sergey DSCF6685Posrednikov, 2nd Austin Arlitt,  3rd Lee Callender, 4th Heather Loudon. 4/2 – 1st Maka Honig, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3 Travis Echert, 4th Krista Kelly.

Weekly Wednesday Night Flip Off @ Add-a-Ball Amusements: 3/20 – 1st Geoff Simons, 2nd Maka Honig, 3rd Eric Harris, 4th Flash Haze. 3/27 – 1st Dave Stewart, 2nd James Edes, 3rd Hayden McCabe, 4th Flash Haze. 4/3 – 1st Mark Williams, 2nd Brian Chesbrough, 3rd Nycole Hyatt, 4th Lee Callender.

The results for all Flip Offs can be found at the IFPA website.

TheBeard and Stache Tournament @ Shorty’s (March 24th) is an annual benefit for the Treehouse organization : 1st – Sergey, 2nd – Jason, 3rd – Nycole, 3rd – Ackley.


The “annual” Tommy Tournament @ Shorty’s (March 31st) was a blind-folded contest with teams of two and hosted by Skill Shot: 1st place was Grave Robbers DSC_5211From Outer Space (Carl and Jeremy), 2nd Fucking 893909_602603646434853_452496411_oIdiots (Kayla and Danger Dan), 3rd Team Anal (Cathy Cartoon and Bro Bro), 4th Slo Mo Homos (Charlie and Selfick). A list of all the teams and how they did can be found here. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

The Seattle Pinball League held a tournament at Dave Stewart’s house on April 7th: 1st Maka Honig, 2nd John McAllister, 3rd Kayla Greet, 4th Aaron Bendickson.DSCF8402 Also at the SPL we had a Deselxic Tournament which was won by Gordon! For more SPL results go to their website.

Remember to check out the Skill Shot Calendar for upcoming local pinball events!

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