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Local Tournament Results 4/9/13 to 5/4/13

420 WinnersThe weekly John John’s Tuesday Flip Off: 4/9 – 1st Maka Honig, 2nd Sergey, 3rd Tim Tournay, 4th Daniel Salo. 4/16 – 1st Sergey Posrednikov, 2nd Maka Honig, 3rd Jason Hatch, 4th Nicholas Polimenakos. 4/23 – 1st Tim Tournay, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3rd Maka Honig, 4th Geoff Simons. 4/30 – 1st Tim Tournay, 2nd Sergey Posrednikov, 3rd Maka Honig, 3rd Zac Petersen.

The weekly Add-a-Ball Wednesday Flip Off: 4/10 – 1st Brian Headley, 2nd Travis Echert, 3rd Matt Wolfe, 4th Nycole Hyatt. 4/17 – 1st Jason Hatch, 2nd Dave, 3rd Eric Harris, 4th Mitch Anderson. 4/24 – 1st Sergey Posrednikov, 2nd Jason Hatch, 3rd Nycole Hyatt, 4th Hannah Holmberg. 5/1 – 1st Travis Echert, 2nd Andy Burton, 3rd Nycole Hyatt, 4th Brian Chesbrough, 4th Brian Headley.

The results for all Flip Offs can be found at the IFPA website.

3rd Annual 420 Tournament @ Add-a-Ball Amusements (4/20): 1st Aaron Garberding, 2nd Geoff Simons, 3rd Nycole Hyatt, 4th Zac Petersen. The final 420 jointmatch of the event took place outside and Aaron won a Stardust pinball machine. The next day Robert Gagno went to Pinbrawl @ Ground Kontrol in Portland OR and also won a pinball machine! Complete 420 results can be viewed here.

Seattle Pinball League Annual Cinco De Mayo Tournament @ Aaron Bendickson’s House (5/4): 1st) Kevin Birrell, 2nd) Cayle George, 3rd) Bobby Conover, 4th) Aaron Bendickson. For more SPL results go to their website.

Check out the Skill Shot Calendar for upcoming local pinball events!

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